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Below are links to some awesome video resources on co-operatives, social enterprises, and community economic development.  If you have a great video you’d like to showcase, contact us at or (506) 227-9607 and we’d love to add it!

Social Enterprise in New Brunswick: 2014 Video Series

Videos by youth about NB Co-ops

TBA Collective Co-op:  The Disturbing Truth by Dan Anderson.  Storyline:  All is well in young Johnny’s life until one day, when the unsuspecting lad comes across an arts and media co-operative. What happens next ultimately shapes Johnny’s future for the course of the next few minutes. BE WARNED…THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

Natuaqanek Fishery Co-operative by Blake Francis. Hip hop is alive and well at this First Nations Co-operative in Eel Ground, NB.  Check out Blake’s original song recorded to celebrate their grand opening in 2012!

Co-op Atlantic:  14 year old Jenna Morris tells her story of why she supports local co-operatives. Download the video below.


Desh Deshpande on How to Create Impact

Community Economic Development:  Its Time for A Change

How Canada and the US Can Work Together to Build a New Economy, Bob Massie

Local Economic Development, the Social Economy, and Community Engagement

Neechi Foods, Growing Healthy Co-operative Neighborhoods

New Brunswick Social Enterprise Dialogue, 2013

Portrait of A Social Economy by Ian McPherson

Social Enterprise 101 by Andy Horsnell of Common Good Solutions

The Difference Between Banks and Credit Unions, part 1

Wendy Keats on Community Economic Development

Zita Cobb and the Story of Fogo Island



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