Sunrise Partnership for Agriculture Development and Education (SPADE Inc.) is a charitable not-for-profit with a rural food and farming focus.  Our purpose is poverty reduction through education and training on farms in the agriculture sector that leads to employment and empowerment.

SPADE’s  Ethos

Justice & Equity: Every person has the right to have access to appropriate employment which increases self-sufficiency and self esteem.

Respect: Every person is valued equally for his/her life experiences; everyone has potential for learning.

Belonging: Every person has something to offer to a family, group or community in return for social and economic inclusion.

Responsibility: Every person needs to be needed; personal growth and confidence are developed with increasing acceptance of teamwork and responsibility.

Collaboration & Co-operation: Joint efforts involving diverse individual, governmental, non-profit and private sector partners are most likely to achieve the desired results.

SPADE’s flagship program, Gateway Through Farming (GTF) is a 16-week transition-to-work program primarily for clients of Social Development. It enables inexperienced workers, older workers, new Canadians, and workers seeking a new field or new skills experiential on-the-job training in the agriculture sector. Whether you’re seeking work in farming, need recent Canadian work experience, want to build your workplace skills, add to your resume, or practice speaking English we welcome you to set up a meeting to visit our farm mentors and get paid to learn!


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