Open Sky Co-operative is a registered charity and multi-stakeholder co-op in Sackville NB. Our vision is to foster inclusive communities where people thrive, contribute and experience a sense of hope, value and belonging. Our mission is to improve life skills and opportunities for independent living through transitional support of young adults living with mental health challenges or social disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder

Founded on the Care Farm model in Europe, we provide transitional residence, skills programs, vocational assistance and community connections for young adults in the Maritime region who require support to improve their quality of life. We believe that foundations for well being can be built through living in community and sharing in meaningful work. On our small-town organic farm, we foster local, sustainable agriculture and social enterprise with a view to having a positive transformative effect on our community, our land, on business models, on services, and on the ideals and expectations of the wider world.

Program participants achieve personal learning goals as they do gardening and farming, food preparation and preparation, new enterprise development, recreational activities and practices of well-being. In addition to providing dedicated client programming, Open Sky is a resource for social, functional and life skills assessments, and public training in Mental Health First Aid.

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