Presenting The NEW Resource Guide

Ever wonder what grants and resources are out there to help you do your work? We thought so.  So the CECNB team put together a Co-operative and Social Enterprise Resource Guide full of all the grants, foundations, technical supports, loans, investors, and other resources that we could find.  Its broken down by funder and the sector social enterprises operate in.  There’s something for everyone!


An Army of Problem Solvers

An Army of Problem Solvers converged in southeast New Brunswick to welcome Shaun Loney, social entrepreneur and author. Shaun met with several social enterprises about the outcomes-based procurement model he has developed in partnership with several First Nations communities in Manitoba.  This model is based on the premise that social outcomes have a dollar value.  For example, the costs to:
– treat a person with diabetes every year ($100,000/yr)
– keep a child in foster care – $1.8 million

The solutions to these problems are actually cheaper and Shaun explains in the short video below that there needs to be a paradigm shift in how we solve problems by creating a market for solutions. He says there is only one question that should be asked to government: Are you willing to save money?


Greater Dorchester IS Moving Forward!

It is full steam ahead for the Greater Dorchester Moving Forward Co-op! Earlier this month more than two dozen local businesses and community economic development stakeholders met to discuss ways they could collaborate to meet their mutual goals of building the local economy. They discussed ideas such as home care, bulk food purchasing, transportation, hospitality and accomodations, tourism, arts, and music and much more. Follow Greater Dorchester Moving Forward on facebook as they pioneer the movement to revitalize rural communities in New Brunswick.

Idea Generation Workshop Inspires Social Innovation!

Eighteen social entrepreneurs from across the province participated in a special Idea Generation workshop in Fredericton on July 5-6. Facilitated by CECNB team members, Andy Horsnell and Wendy Keats, and joined by webinar by special guest Shaun Loney, author of An Army of Problem Solvers, participants developed and refined their ideas for social enterprises to address local needs and opportunities. They came away inspired and ready for action and we can’t wait to see what happens next! If you are interested in participating in our next Idea Generation workshop, contact us at

The votes are in…our 2018 AGM was the best ever!

What an amazing AGM we had!! Held in the picturesque village of Dorchester, at one of CECNB’s newest social enterprise members, Shepody House, people came from every corner of the province to share ideas, meet old friends and new, and learn about the innovative work being done by CECNB and it’s member co-ops and social enterprises.

A special presentation  by Andy Horsnell on the Atlantic Import Replacement Study inspired people to think more about how to create jobs and build local economies by supporting local production. Participants were shocked to learn that over 14,000 jobs could be created by shifting just 10% of our food purchases to local.

The Co-op and Social Enterprise Showcase was a huge hit again this year and featured several innovative groups working to build healthy, vibrant communities such as Mawi’Art, a collective of professional Aboriginal artists that promotes and facilitate the sale of authentic Atlantic Aboriginal art through a virtual gallery, pop ups, special events, mentoring, and peer support. Cooperation in Agri-Food New Brunswick (CANB) is establishing a provincial infrastructure to get local food from the producer to institutional food markets and Greater Dorchester Moving Forward Co-op is reviving the local economy through a series of strategic actions aimed at building the local population and attracting new business.

The Future of Rural New Brunswick panel was both inspirational and thought-provoking. CBC’s Shift NB political commentator (and CECNB’s Board member), Duncan Matheson, led experts in agriculture, forestry, immigration, education, and Indigenous communities through a discussion on the issues and solutions needed to rebuild vibrant rural economies. People came away with a much better understanding of the challenges faced and optimistic about the innovative community-led solutions happening across the province.

New initiatives by CECNB! Executive Director Wendy Keats announced three exciting new initiatives CECNB is currently engaged in, including the development of a Tricultural Learning Centre, the establishment of a Rural and Small Towns Centre of Excellence, and a special pilot project to build the capacity of several NB communities to use the provincial CEDC Investment tax credit to raise capital for local economic development.

During the breaks, folks were well fed with home-made fresh food and the roar of laughter and excitement brought a smile to us all.

People formed new relationships and even some new partnerships were sparked as people learned about what others were doing and realized how they could help one another.  So in the end, everyone drove back through the picturesque little village of Dorchester and marveled at the beauty and ecosytem of the Shepody Bay and Memramcook River.  Its going to be tough to top this AGM next year but we’ll do our best!


September 24 – 26, 2018

CECNB is a proud co-host of the upcoming ECONOUS2018 National community economic development Conference, which will be held September 24-26, 2018 in Moncton, New Brunswick.  You can find more information on the Facebook Event page and  ECONOUS website, and follow the Canadian CED Network‘s newsletters for further updates.

This will be a great opportunity for building community economic development networks and skills and we hope to see you there!


Off Grid FlyerThe Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick is very excited to now offer all past issues of Off Grid East Coast for free download.  This e-zine showcases people in the Maritimes who are “doing it” and has tons of great articles on renewable energy systems, local food, permaculture, tiny houses, energy efficiency, sustainable investing, urban chicken farming, rain collecting, and so much more!  You can get your free copy on our Resources page. Also be sure to check out our Facebook group Off Grid Comments and Questions East Coast Its a great place for people to ask questions about anything related to renewable energy and get answers from folks in the know.


Social Enterprise for Youth and Aboriginal Communities

Join the Co-operative Enterprise Council and NB Aboriginal Peoples Council for a full day workshop in Woodstock on March 29, 2018 to learn about Social Enterprises and the opportunities they can provide for youth and Aboriginal communities.

The workshop is $70 per participant (lunch included), or FREE for Aboriginal youth (supported by the NB Aboriginal Peoples Council). For more information, please click on the link below to view the event poster, or contact
Woodstock Workshop March 29, 2018 (register by March 21)



We are so excited to announced that the new Community Economic Development tax credit has been officially announced!!! CECNB has been working on this with government for the past 6 years and we are pleased that our communities will now have this tool available to raise the capital they need to develop co-ops and social enterprises! Solar farms, local food, tourism, forestry, innovation….the opportunities for creating jobs and building local economies are endless!!! Fore more info and application forms see


CECNB and other leaders in the co-op sector spent nearly three years researching, consulting and writing a comprehensive proposal for a new Co-operative Associations Act to replace our existing legislation which hasn’t been updated since 1978. This work was done in partnership with the Financial and Consumer Services Commission, the government agency responsible for co-operatives.  It is currently being reviewed by government and we are expecting new legislation to be introduced within the coming year.  Download a copy of the proposed new Act below.

New Co-op Act copyDownload your copy Proposal for new Co-operative Associations Act of NB – June 2014

Media Contact:

Wendy Keats, Executive Director
Tel: (506) 227-9607






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