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In partnership with the NB Economic and Social Inclusion Network, CECNB has produced important new resources for co-operatives and other social enterprises.  Download your copy of the Social Enterprise Best Practice Guide, a powerpoint presentation Financing Co-ops and Social Enterprise, a Resource Guide for NB Co-ops and Social Enterprises, the Final Report on the Survey of NB Social Enterprises, and a booklet on Co-ops and Social Enterprise:  A Community-Based Approach to Business Succession.

Social Enterprise Best Practices Guide

SocialEnterprise-ABestPracticesGuide This comprehensive guide was prepared for individuals and organizations considering, or already operating, a co-op or social enterprise in New Brunswick. It includes the best practices used in all aspects of start-up and operations. The appendices includes a wide range of reference materials and tools that organizations can use in all phases of their development and growth. Some are in Word or Excel formats (so you can fill them in for your specific needs) and can be obtained by contacting us at

Financing Your Co-op or Social Enterprise (Powerpoint), June 2014

Financing Co-ops and Social Enterprise This powerpoint gives a detailed overview of the financing options available to co-ops and social enterprises ranging from start-up and expansion grants and loans to member equity, investors, crowdfunding, and social impact bonds.  Use in conjunction with the Resource Guide below.

A Resource Guide for Co-ops and Social Enterprises in NB

Co-op and Social Enterprise Resource Guide This guide was developed to help co-ops and social enterprises identify resources to help them become established and grow. It contains a wide range of supports from skills development and training through to technical advice, grants, loans, investors, and other websites and guides with additional information.

Final Report on the 2014 Survey of Social Enterprises in NB, July 2014

NB Final SE Report Aug 6 2014 In partnership with Simon Fraser and Mount Royal universities, and with funding from the Province of New Brunswick, CECNB undertook a comprehensive survey of social enterprises in our province.  The results published in this report include topics such as organizational profiles, social impact, financial results, plans for future growth and much more.

Co-ops and Social Enterprise: A Community-Based Approach To Business Succession

Business Succession This booklet gives concrete examples of how many businesses that might otherwise close can be successfully run as a co-op or social enterprise. It also describes the benefits of this approach and the general conversion process. Presentations by CECNB on using co-ops or social enterprises in succession planning are available upon request. Write or call 506.227.9607